Diet and Dental Care: The Best Food for Your Smile

Easy Ways to Remove Plaque and Tartar

25 August

You may have experienced that slimy, sticky feeling on your teeth when you haven’t brushed them for a day or two, perhaps when you’ve been at a music festival or over a friend’s house and have been distracted from your daily brushing routine. This is plaque, a formation of bacteria that builds up on your teeth […]

Reasons to Consider Front Teeth Veneers

11 August

If you have damaged or severely discoloured front teeth, chances are you are looking for ways to remedy their appearance. This is because, even though the primary function of your teeth is for mastication, they also play a pivotal role in the aesthetics of your smile. One of the cosmetic procedures that you could consider […]

Dental Solutions | 3 Clever Ways To Prevent Tooth Enamel Loss

22 July

Teeth are typically covered with a strong, semi-clear outer enamel coating that delivers protection from daily wear through chewing, biting and speaking. Although enamel is a hard substance, it is quite fragile and can wear away thanks to certain foods or poor oral hygiene. Worn out enamel may need dental solutions like capping, crowning, filling […]

What to if your child is injured in the mouth while playing a sport

08 July

If your child is injured in any way, it may be your usual response to take them to the emergency room at the closest hospital. If it is an injury that constitutes a dental emergency, though, it is usually best to call your family dentist before seeking other treatment. Playing sport can hold the threat […]

As a secondary school teacher, help your students who wear braces to embrace the moment

20 June

Most children who wear braces will be in secondary school, at which age they are facing a number of life changes and wearing braces may be an obstacle for them. As a secondary school teacher, you can help to make the experience of wearing braces easier for your students. If you wear braces yourself, you […]

What Is Enamel Erosion and How Can It Be Treated

01 June

Tooth enamel refers to the hardened substance that acts as a protective coating to your tooth. Enamel is essential for your teeth as it keeps the sensitive dentine unexposed. If this dentine starts being exposed, you are likely to suffer from enhanced tooth sensitivity as well as chronic pain. However, not many people know that […]

Cosmetic dentistry | Top 3 options to fix small teeth

16 May

Having a large, powerful smile is something that everyone desires. Unfortunately, this dream is put on hold when you’ve got small teeth. In some cases, the teeth may be so small that only the gum is visible when you smile. Having small teeth also has other consequences. It may either give you an older look […]

Recontouring: How to Quickly and Easily Fix Dental Imperfections

27 April

Many forms of cosmetic dentistry are surprisingly non-invasive. It’s not all about whitening your teeth with lasers or implanting a metal bolt into your jaw in order to hold a false tooth. Dental recontouring is when minor imperfections in the shape and surface appearance of the tooth are rectified with light buffing. It’s highly effective […]

What You Might Be Wondering About Cosmetic Dentistry

12 April

Cosmetic dentistry, or dentistry that is done for the sake of appearance rather than for the overall health of your teeth and mouth, is more common today than ever before. The procedures used for cosmetic dentistry are typically more affordable than ever, and many of these procedures can be done in one visit, without anesthesia […]

Does Bad Breath Mean That You Have Gum Disease?

25 March

Most people suffer from bad breath at some point in their lives. For example, it’s not uncommon for your mouth to smell a bit bad first thing in the morning before you have had a chance to brush your teeth. A heavy garlicky meal the night before may even leave you with morning breath that […]