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Signs That You Need Denture repairs

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Even after losing several teeth, there is still hope that you can get back your perfect smile and self-esteem. Your dentist will most likely recommend dentures to replace the missing teeth. Well, dental care does not end after getting your perfect teeth in place; the denture will need repairs after a while.

Dentures can last for a long time. However, certain factors might increase the need for your dentures to be replaced or repaired depending on the damage. Just like other dental appliances, dentures could get damaged. If you are not sure when your denture might need repairs, below are signs to look out for:

Difficulty Chewing

Dentures are not used just for cosmetic reasons. Dentists recommend dentures for patients to be able to eat, talk and smile comfortably again. After getting new dentures, many people find it hard to chew with them in; it could take you some days to get used to the foreign appliance in your mouth.

However, you should not have any difficulty chewing after you have gotten used to your dentures. This could be a sign of damaged dentures. If this happens, make sure that you visit your dentist as soon as possible; your dentures might be in need of repair or replacement.


Your dentures are supposed to make you comfortable in all aspects. Therefore, investing in your dentures should put an end to any discomfort. Get a dentist to check your dentures if you are experiencing jaw soreness, pressure on the gums, looseness or oral sores.

All these things can be caused by ill-fitting dentures that could require urgent repairs. Well-fitted dentures will not exert unevenly distributed pressure in your mouth. However, check with your dentist to be sure about the cause of your discomfort.

Broken or Cracked Dentures

A broken denture is one of the major complications most patients experience with full dentures. This issue is mostly experienced with the top denture but could occur with the bottom denture too. Many factors contribute to denture fractures, wear and tear being the leading cause.

Dentures are meant to last for a long time. However, when dentures are used for years, they undergo stress cycles of chewing and wear. Some elements that contribute to wear and tear of dentures include hot and cold food or drinks, acidic foods and moisture in the mouth. Accidents can also cause denture fractures. Ask your dentist about denture repairs if you think this is something you need.