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Cosmetic Dentistry: 4 Types That Can Improve Your Smile

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The belief that a smile reveals more about one's personality makes the quest for a perfect smile a worthy cause for many. The integral part of a smile is usually the teeth, and cosmetic dentistry turns out to be the art of crafting the teeth for a perfect smile. Professionals dentists are not only able to replicate your original look but can also conduct various procedures to make your smile even more attractive, whether you have crooked teeth, chipped and broken crowns or gaps in your teeth. Read on to find about some of the types of cosmetic dentistry that can help improve your smile.

Implants. Whether it's due to accidents or habits such as heavy smoking, loss of teeth is bound to happen over time. To maintain the youth and beauty of your smile, it is important to consider dental implants. They are replacements for any missing teeth custom-made by a professional to realize a full smile. An implant includes a titanium root fixed to the bone and fitted on top with a permanent replacement tooth for a full smile.

Gum Lifts. This is a procedure done to alter the shape of the gum to attain a more aesthetically pleasing smile. Whether it is due to thin lips that show a lot of gum or natural gum recession, cosmetic dentistry can help restore a full and attractive smile. The gum lifting procedure used to involve surgery and long recovery periods in the past, but not any more. Lasers are now used to conduct this procedure, with full recovery after a day or two.

Dental Veneers. To improve the look, color or shape of the teeth, veneers are applied on the outer side of the teeth. Dental veneers are offered by cosmetic dentists as thin, custom-made pieces of composite material or porcelain that are stuck on the teeth to modify the way your teeth look when you smile. They are highly efficient at fixing the appearance of gaps, stains and chipped teeth. A mold is first created to show how the teeth will look like after modification, and any changes can be made before conducting the actual process.

Teeth Bonding. Sometimes teeth break, chip or get badly stained and need to be attended to by a dentist. To repair the tooth, a composite material with the same colour as the tooth is used to cover and camouflage the flaw. It is then filed to blend with the other teeth, achieving a natural look and restoring the beauty of your smile.