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Reasons to Choose an Invisalign Dentist for Your Braces

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If you're on the verge of choosing braces and your dentist has told you invisible braces are an option, you may want to consider Invisalign. Before choosing an Invisalign dentist, it's normal to wonder what the benefits are. From greater confidence during your treatment to excellent results, there are lots of reasons to head down the invisible route.

You may feel more confident wearing braces

People of all ages can worry about wearing braces, as it often means altering their appearance during the course of their treatment. Although orthodontic treatment is more discreet than ever, none match Invisalign on this front. As they are completely clear, they're often difficult to detect unless someone knows they're there. As a result, you can smile with confidence during the course of your treatment.

Your teeth become easier to clean

Cleaning normal braces can feel difficult at first. When you're trying to brush and floss between pieces of metal, you need to work harder than when you're cleaning your teeth normally. When you choose invisible braces, you can remove them before brushing and flossing. This means less reliance on specialist tools and a higher chance of removing the plaque and food that contribute to gum disease. 

You make fewer visits to an Invisalign dentist than a normal dentist

Depending on what your other options are, you may find that you need to make fewer visits to your Invisalign dentist than you would a normal dentist. Your routine appointments may take place every six to eight weeks versus every month. Having fewer appointments is especially important when your work and education commitments are heavy, as you won't need to take as many days off. Additionally, if you live in a rural area then this can also mean fewer car journeys to your nearest dental clinic.

You're less likely to encounter oral abrasions

During the first few weeks of dental treatment, oral abrasions can become a problem. As your body adjusts to the new installation your inflammatory markers may rise, which increases the risk of soft tissues coming into contact with the braces. Additionally, if a piece of metal untwists for any reason, you can encounter small injuries to your mouth. With invisible braces, this won't happen, as they don't use metal. 

If you feel as though invisible teeth straightening is for you, and your dentist agrees it's an option, consider using Invisalign braces. Not only are they very convenient, they also produce excellent results.