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Dental Emergencies That Should Never Be Underrated

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For a good number of adults, dental care comprises going to the dentist when they have an incessant toothache. And the reason behind this approach is that not many people want to spend money on dental care if they feel like their oral health is okay. Therefore, it is also not surprising to find that some individuals may acquire damage to their teeth and, if they are not in pain, will decide not to visit their local dentist. The reality is that not all dental emergencies will be debilitating, but this does not mean that they are not severe. Ignoring them can pose a host of other health problems down the road. Read on for a few of the dental emergencies that should never be underrated.

Your tooth's integrity is in question

Different factors could affect the integrity of your teeth. For instance, if you are afflicted with bruxism and do not respond appropriately to manage this condition, the grinding could end up fracturing your molars. However, do not ignore signs of cracks under the assumption that they are cosmetic flaws because these cracks can spread and put you at high risk of cavities. On the other hand, if your mouth has been exposed to trauma leading to a chip in your tooth, you should have this checked out immediately by an emergency dentist. Chipped teeth are not only weaker, but with time, the chip can become significant and expose your dentin. Failure to have this treated could lead to decay and oral infections.

Your tooth has been knocked out

Some adults may not treat a knocked-out tooth as a dental emergency. These individuals may believe that all they have to deal with is a gap in their teeth and may look at this as merely a cosmetic problem. What you may be surprised to learn is that a wholly detached tooth does not have to be a permanent change in your appearance In fact, if you rush to a dentist immediately, the tooth could be re-attached to your jaw. To increase the chances of successful reattachment, keep the avulsed tooth moist in some warm water until you get to your dentist.  If the tooth cannot be salvaged, you should consider alternative treatments such as implants, bridges or even partial dentures, as there are a host of other oral problems you could encounter down the road with a gap in your teeth.