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3 Reasons Why Your Child Will Be More Open To Wearing Invisalign Aligners

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Orthodontic treatment is an important part of oral health. It helps to correct bite problems. This helps with speech impediments, oral hygiene, facial construction, chewing of food and even self-esteem. However, children do not like orthodontic treatment that much, especially braces. However, there is one orthodontic treatment out there that your child will be more open to—Invisalign trays. And here's why.

They are not conspicuous

One of the reasons why children hate braces and other types of dental appliances is because everyone can see that they are wearing them; the orthodontic appliances are too conspicuous. This may make the children feel shy or overly self-conscious about themselves. After all, the appliances are there as a treatment measure and not by choice. Invisalign trays are orthodontic as well. However, unlike their alternatives, they are designed not to be visible to all. Their clear transparent design allows one to wear them with discretion. Your child will therefore not feel odd with them on, and this will make them a more agreeable option.

They can be removed when needed

Another drawback with traditional orthodontic appliances is that they are permanent for the prescribed duration. Children, therefore, feel as though they do not have a choice in whether to wear them or not. Invisalign trays are different. They can be removed with ease whenever needed. And although they are meant to be worn for as long as possible, their design allows the wearer to take them off when necessary. For children, this means that they can take them off during sports, when eating or when taking school photos. This is a huge advantage; one that will make your child will appreciate a great deal.

They are modern

Another reason why your child may not hate Invisalign aligners all that much is because they are a modern invention. Invisalign trays are a big step away from traditional orthodontic appliances such as braces. They feature a chic, light design that is synonymous with modern innovations. And as you may well know, children like to have the latest things. In that regard, Invisalign trays are more likely to be accepted by your child as compared to traditional braces.

Of course, note that Invisalign trays are not for everyone or for every orthodontic problem out there. They are best for minor bite corrections. Have your child examined by an orthodontist first to determine if Invisalign is an ideal choice for them. And if it is, you can rely on the factors above when it comes to convincing your child to wear orthodontic gear.