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Cosmetic dentistry | Top 3 options to fix small teeth

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Having a large, powerful smile is something that everyone desires. Unfortunately, this dream is put on hold when you've got small teeth. In some cases, the teeth may be so small that only the gum is visible when you smile. Having small teeth also has other consequences. It may either give you an older look or make your face appear childish. But not to worry—this modern age has come up with incredible solutions for that kind of problem. So if you're a victim of such teeth, here are some options to get you happy and smiling again.  

Dental veneers

One of the most popular options for fixing small teeth is veneers. These are shells that are custom made for you and are attached to the front part of your teeth. Dental veneers can be altered in width and height to increase the size of your teeth. The best part about veneers is that you can also improve the colour and even shape of your teeth in one go. It's a pretty good option if you're also looking for teeth whitening or you additionally want to fix a couple of crooked teeth. Veneers are a solid option if you've got spaces in between your teeth. That way, the dentist won't have to create space for the veneers to fit.

Gum lift

In some cases, your teeth are not actually small. You may be seeing a lot of gum when you smile simply because of an overdeveloped jawbone. The gum therefore covers up most of your teeth, causing the teeth to appear tinier. All that's required here is a gum lift. This is a surgical operation that is designed to take the gum line a bit higher and expose more of your teeth. A gum lift would also be the best choice if you don't have an even gum line and there are more gum displays above some teeth. It could also be used in conjunction with veneers if you've also got spaces between your teeth.

Dental bonding

This is an option similar to dental veneers where the dentist applies composite resin to the front of your teeth. This resin is shaped in a way that matches the other teeth and then hardened using a curing light. Bonding is a less expensive option as compared to veneers, but it doesn't last as long. It's more suitable if you've got weakened teeth or eroded enamel.