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Finding time for family dental check-ups

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One of the most common excuses people have for not having bi-annual family dental check-ups done is a lack of time. If you are struggling to make time in your busy schedule for a visit to the dentist, then follow these tips to see how you can find some time.

Schedule appointments back-to-back

Rather than trying to fit in Mum and Dad's check-ups around the kids sporting commitments, why not block out back-to-back appointments for the whole family once every six months? That way you only need to move schedules one time and there are no excuses for anyone to be off schedule. By having everyone in the same space if there are any delays to getting through your appointments, it affects the whole family equally.

Find a family dentist that's open outside of standard operating hours

With Saturday morning sports, school and Mum and Dad's work commitments it can be hard to find a time that works for everyone. Finding a family dental practice that is open after standard operating hours helps the family to find a time that works for everyone. Some large chains have flexible opening hours, and other local dentists might be willing to stay in a little later if you can book in a full family's worth of dental check-ups on one weekday evening.

Multi-tasking for all

While it may seem like a large amount of time to dedicate to dental appointments, the time spent waiting for your dental appointments doesn't need to be wasted. Instead think about all the ways you can multi-task in the waiting room. This might be a great time for people to multi-task by catching up on their favourite TV show, completing homework or even speaking to each other! Rather than looking at your dental appointments as an obligation see them as an opportunity to get out of the house and cross a few things off your 'to-do' list.

Plan ahead

If anyone in the family has been having some dental distress, be sure to let the dentist know head of time. This can help the dentist to have equipment at hand to investigate further or fill small caries easily while still keeping the check-up schedule.

Your family dental appointments don't need to be a drain on your time if you view them as a positive use of your time. If you are a due for family dental check-up, it's time to call and get booked in!