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Tips To Help You Combat Dental Anxiety

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Although it may sound like an excuse to avoid having someone poke around in your mouth, dental anxiety is a very real condition that many people suffer from.  So, if you find the mere thought of visiting the dental clinic for something as simple as a check-up, you are definitely not alone.  The problem is that if you don't attend the dental clinic regularly, you will suffer from poor oral health which could leave you with long-lasting dental health problems that will be harder and more expensive to fix. Dental clinics are there to help keep you healthy and strong.

Therefore, it is advisable to work on your dental anxiety and below you will find some tips to help you do that.


One of the best ways to deal with dental anxiety is to use a sort of distraction technique to take your mind off what the dentist is doing.  Most dental clinics normally have the radio playing to help take their patients minds off their treatment and some will even allow you to take an MP3 player in with you.  This is good because it means you are focusing your attention on your favourite tunes rather than what the dentist is doing in your mouth.


Another way you can combat the feelings of anxiety you experience at the dentist is by using relaxation techniques.  Tense and tighten up and then relax each individual muscle in your body.  Work your way from your legs up to your arms and your neck until you feel the tension leave your body.  As well as distracting your mind, it should also relax and ease your body making the whole experience more comfortable and bearable.

Feel In Control

A large part of why people dislike going to the dentists so much is because they feel out of control.  You can counteract these feelings by asking if the dentist could carry out the check-up or treatment at a pace you feel comfortable with.  Although this may mean that you have to attend dentist more often to complete the work, it is better than avoiding the dentist completely and suffering from the various problems associated with poor dental hygiene. 

Find An Understanding Dentist

When you first speak to your dental clinic, be sure to mention straight away that you suffer from dental anxiety.  Most dentists are less interested in people being afraid of them and more interested in looking after people's teeth and are open to ways they can make dental appointments easier for people with anxiety.  Ask them any questions you have, as their answers may ease your anxious thoughts and feelings.  It is also a good idea to ask your dentist to go through and perhaps even provide you with a step-by-step guide to what your treatment entails, as this will enable you to mentally prepare for it better.