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Top 5 Healthy Foods for Healthy Baby Teeth

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The health of a baby's teeth is greatly enhanced by healthy eating. Feeding your baby proper foods will help it form the blocks that will later build strong, healthy teeth as an adult. Here, you, the parent, will learn about the foods that have been recommended by paediatrics and dentists for strong, healthy baby teeth.


Any dentist in paediatrics will tell you that milk has untold benefits to a baby's teeth and gums. Milk is a super-food that provides the baby with essential nutrients needed for proper growth and development. It is particularly rich in calcium, which aids in the development of strong jaws and teeth. Calcium also prevents the periodontal disease in babies.


Like milk, cheese is rich in calcium and, therefore, helps in developing healthy teeth. However, cheese also has two benefits to a baby's teeth. First, it helps neutralize the acidity in a baby's mouth. This acidity is implicated in the development of ECC (Early Childhood Caries). When you slip your baby a slice of cheese as a snack, it will elevate its pH, thereby, reducing the risk of tooth decay. Secondly, Cheese stimulates saliva production, which further enhances drooling. This way, the cavity-causing sugars and acids will be washed out.


Oranges are rich in vitamin C, which is essential to the strengthening of collagen, a connective tissue element found in the body, including gums and teeth. Regularly feeding oranges to the baby will ensure that its teeth are firmly held in the jaw, in addition to preventing gum diseases. Since vitamin C has anti-inflammatory properties, it will slow down and even stop the progression of gingivitis.

Wild Salmon

Fatty fishes like salmon are packed Vitamin D. For a baby to form strong bones and teeth, Vitamin D is a critical requirement since it enhances the ability of baby's body to absorb and utilize calcium. The vitamin D in wild salmon makes it easier for the baby's teeth to receive the full power of calcium.


Strawberries are excellent teeth fortifying foods for babies. It is not difficult to make children like strawberries; hence, moms have an easy time here. Like oranges, strawberries are packed with Vitamin C, which is crucial to the formation of collagen. Collagen is the unique protein that will ensure the strength and integrity of baby's teeth and gums.

Proper diet and oral hygiene for the baby should begin at birth. Feeding babies the foods discussed herein will give them healthy teeth and minimize the risk of tooth decay. For more information, contact Dr David Young & Associates Dental Surgeons