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Paediatric Dental Emergencies That Require the Attention of a Dentist

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Exploration and playing games are essential activities that contribute to the growth of your children. However, your kids may encounter dental injuries when playing or exploring. For instance, they may get injured on their tongues, lips, cheeks, gums or teeth. Dental accidents can be dangerous, especially if immediate care is not observed. 

When your kids experience dental emergencies, you should contact an experienced dentist instantly for professional help. A paediatric dentist will diagnose your kid's oral issues and offer the best treatment to avoid the escalation of the problems. Continue reading to learn about some common paediatric dental emergencies that require the urgent attention of an experienced dentist. 

When a Tooth Gets Cracked or Chipped

Fall accidents are quite common among children. If your child experiences a fall accident, their teeth may chip out or get cracked. Most times, they sustain fractures in the front teeth. If the broken or cracked tooth is bleeding and painful, that is a warning sign that you need to visit your dentist right away for treatment. The dentist might recommend a dental X-ray to determine the severity of the fracture. 

When a Tooth Is Knocked Out

If your child accidentally loses a tooth while playing sports, you should take quick action. Do not hesitate to take the child to a dentist, even if a permanent tooth will grow back in the place of the lost one. Visiting a dentist is crucial in preventing alignment problems, infections, and other dental issues that may arise from an avulsed tooth. 

When the Child Bite the Lip or Tongue

Lip and tongue bites are common dental emergencies in children. They result from accidental falls. If a fall accident causes oral pain, bleeding and swelling, you should consider it as a dental emergency. Once your kids fall, they may bite their tongue or lips. In such a situation, you should take them to a dentist immediately for check-up and treatment, which will prevent over-bleeding.  

When the Jaw Gets Fractured or Dislocated

The signs of a broken or dislocated jaw are swelling, bleeding, bruising, pain and stiffness. In severe cases, the child might experience difficulties in breathing, talking and chewing. When you see these signs, you should take your kid to a dental clinic immediately. By seeking immediate treatment, you will avoid several dental issues, including oral infections, bite problems and facial anomalies.

Dental emergencies tend to occur more in children than in adults. Unfortunately, most parents miss paediatric dental emergencies or try to fix them at home. Whether the situation is mild or severe, you need to consult an experienced and licenced dentist as soon as possible. By doing this, you will save your child from further complications.