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Dental Solutions | 3 Clever Ways To Prevent Tooth Enamel Loss

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Teeth are typically covered with a strong, semi-clear outer enamel coating that delivers protection from daily wear through chewing, biting and speaking. Although enamel is a hard substance, it is quite fragile and can wear away thanks to certain foods or poor oral hygiene. Worn out enamel may need dental solutions like capping, crowning, filling and even root canals if left unchecked for long. Since enamel cannot be replaced in your mouth, follow these techniques to prevent tooth enamel loss in the first place.

Say No To Frequent Sodas And Sugar Drinks

Most sodas and artificial fruit juices are full of sugar. This sugar combines with the bacteria in your mouth to form an acid solution that attacks and wears out your teeth enamel over time. Diet sodas may seem like a good alternative, but they are just as damaging because they spark high acid production in your mouth. If you cannot stay away from sodas and fruit juices, avoid swishing, swirling and holding them in your mouth for too long. To protect your enamel, rinse your mouth after drinking these sodas, but your best option is to stay away from them as much as possible.

Watch Your Citric Intake

While citrus fruits are great snacks and are part of a healthy diet, they are very acidic and can contribute to tooth enamel erosion if they stay in your mouth for too long. Consuming too many oranges, lemons, tangerines and grapefruits can eventually take a toll on your teeth. You don't have to give up citrus fruits because they contribute to your overall well-being. You simply need to ensure that you brush your teeth or rinse your mouth after any citric acid intake. If you have been consuming citrus fruits for long, you may want to visit a dentist to check your teeth enamel health.

Enhance Your Dairy Diet

You build strong teeth enamel with calcium and dairy products are full of it. Cheese and dairy products help protect your teeth by stimulating the production of saliva. Saliva helps to rinse away acids and debris from meals and drinks, which protects the enamel from corrosion. The phosphate and calcium present in dairy products can also strengthen weakened teeth enamel when consumed regularly. Dairy products also help to form a type of protective film over teeth, helping enamel fight acids in your mouth more easily.

The best way to protect teeth enamel from erosion is to follow good oral hygiene techniques. For more information, contact a dentist in your area.